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The Key to Arabic Starter Pack
The Key to Arabic Starter Pack
 27.49  21.99 
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Series: Beautiful Occasions

Language: Fully Vocalised Arabic

Author: Mirna Burraj

Suitable for: All ages

Genre: Children’s Story

Binding: Paperback

Published in Lebanon

Dimensions: 284mm x 284mm

12 Pages

Full colour and beautifully illustrated


Notes: The series is written with easily understood Arabic so it can be used for any beginner learners of Arabic as reading Practice

 1. Ramadan Karim 
 1. Ramadan Karim 
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 2. Ahlan Wasahlan bi-'Eidil-Fitr 
 2. Ahlan Wasahlan bi-'Eidil-Fitr 
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 3. Adhaa Mubaarak 
 3. Adhaa Mubaarak 
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 4. Kullu 'Aam wa Kullu 'Aamil bi Alfi Khayr 
 4. Kullu 'Aam wa Kullu 'Aamil bi Alfi Khayr 
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 5. Ana wa-Ahibaa'ee fee 'Edil-Hubb 
 5. Ana wa-Ahibaa'ee fee 'Edil-Hubb 
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 6. Kullu 'Aam wa anti bikhayr, Yaa Maamaa 
 6. Kullu 'Aam wa anti bikhayr, Yaa Maamaa 
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