Naadee al-Qurraa' series

Naadee al-Qurraa' is a series of short, graded stories targeting readers of Arabic aged three to twelve. Each story is written in fully vocalised modern standard Arabic and is beautifully and colourfully illustrated. The series comprises a mixture of fictional as well as factual books. These books would also make excellent supplementary reading materials for students of the Arabic language. The recommended age level ranges are as follows: Level One (yellow): ages 3 to 6 Level Two (red): ages 5 to 7 Level Three (blue): ages 6 to 8 Level Four (green): ages 7 to 9 Level Five (purple): ages 8 to 10 Level Six (orange): ages 9 to 12 Published by: Daar al-'Ilm lil-Malaayeen
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