Ahmad Loves Milk
Ahmad Loves Milk
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Ahmad Loves Milk

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Ahmad Loves Milk

Ahmad Loves Milk

Product description

This is a children's storybook written in both fully vocalised Arabic and English. Each page contains a short sentence in each language and the entire book is in full colour and is beautifully illustrated. The series is written with easily understood Arabic so it can be used for any beginner learners of Arabic as reading practice.

Titles in the Ahmad Farhaan (Ahmad is Happy) series:
1. Ahmad Loves Flowers
2. Ahmad Loves Milk
3. Ahmad Brushes his Teeth
4. Ahmad Plays with his Friends
5. Ahmad's Storybook
6. Ahmad’s Ball
7. Ahmad at School
8. Ahmad’s Money
9. Ahmad and the Dog
10. Ahmad’s Little Brother
11. Ahmad in Makkah
12. Ahmad and the Fridge