Anglo Arabic Graphics Limited is a publishing company which was established in July 1991 and specialises in the teaching of Arabic in a non-Arabic speaking environment to learners across a broad age range. Our titles include one of the most popular textbooks for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, namely ‘Gateway to Arabic', as well as ‘The Key to Arabic' and ‘Arabic Without Tears'.

Our range of Arabic teaching materials includes flashcards, posters and audio recordings. In addition, we import and distribute a range of Arabic books from the Arab world, particularly from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. These books include dictionaries, stories and some Islamic reference books. We also distribute a limited number of Arabic teaching software packages produced by other publishing houses such as Generalia Multimedia.

We have distributors in many countries including the United States of America, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, the United Arabic Emirates, Qatar, Nigeria and others.

The company also provides training for Arabic teachers, including those who teach in Islamic schools, madrasahs and evening classes. We pride ourselves on customer service and in this regard we endeavour to dispatch any orders received before one o'clock on a weekday on the same day.

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