Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad
Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad
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Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad

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Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad

Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad

Product description
The Gateway to Arabic Picture Pad is a colourfully illustrated topic-based aid for teaching Arabic vocabulary, providing an effective tool for learning key words and expressions. Its flipchart format ensures that it can be used easily in the classroom as well as for individual home study. To assist with the accurate reading of the words and phrases, the Arabic text is vocalised throughout. In addition, a twelve-page transliteration guide is supplied with the Picture Pad as an aid to correct pronunciation. The twenty-seven charts, covering more than 450 useful words and expressions and accompanied by over 250 illustrations, are themed as follows:
1. Vegetables
2. Fruit
3. Shapes
4. Colours
5. Alphabet (i) (isolate)
6. Alphabet (ii) (joined)
7. Numbers from 1 to 10
8. Numbers from 11 to 100
9. Time (i): the Hours
10. Time (ii): the Minutes
11. The Countries of the Arab World
12. Weather and Seasons
13. Days of the Week and Times of Day
14. The Months of the Year
15. Transport
16. Opposites (Adjectives)
17. Classroom Items (i)
18. Classroom Items (ii)
19. Clothing
20. Parts of the Body
21. Sports
22. Family Members
23. Farm Animals
24. Wild Animals
25. Other Foods
26. Soft Drinks
27. Occupations

Includes 12-page A4 black and white pronunciation guide.


Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye


Hard Cover